How to use NMap to portscan a SonicWall that is blocking all attemtps?

It seems that SonicWall is blocking attemtps to scan its ports. I know it has some ports open, like 443, because if I access using the browser I get a web site. But when I try to use NMap I can’t see the port open.

If I try to to a SYN scan against this port I get no-response:


If I use a longer timeout I get a reset (edited to include –packet-trace)


But the port is open because if I use netcat I connect:


I have tried other types of NMap scans ACK, FIN, Maimon, Windows, NULL, TCP and XMAS without results.

I have algo tried to change source port to 80 using

-g 80

What are the correct options for NMap to scan correctly this type of device? What steps could I investigate to discover them?







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